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Oisin and Ronan Kang-O’Higgins (ages 10 and 8) from Seattle, WA couldn’t paint their walls, so they used painter’s tape and construction paper to make a TARDIS on the French doors in their bedroom.

Drawn by Cataclysm-X 
Portraits of the 10th and 11th DoctorsSized at 8mm x 10mm

In fact, these portraits are so small, that I had to use a magnifying glass during the drawing process, which was exhausting.When I wanted to draw shimmering in Eleven’s (Matt Smith) left eye, I used an 0.1mm needle. I dipped the tip of the needle in white gel liquid and carefully placed it in the eye.After several tries I finally managed to place it on the right spot. And there you have it: eye shimmering probably no-one would even notice. Whenever I made a mistake, I couldn’t fix it without erasing 1/4th of the drawing. I constantly had to start over and over and over again until I was finally done after spending approx 15 hours on drawing those 2 little fellas.



So here are the three pieces I finished for Toronto Comicon this past Sunday!  I’m really happy with the way they turned out and they were a big hit!  It’s so amazing to go to cons and meet so many people who love the same things you do as much (if not more!) than you do! <3  Stay tuned - I will be finishing a much bigger who piece to debut in the New Year!

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$800 for a Paul Mcgann memorabilia? I think it’s worth it #doctorwho #paulmcgann #ireallywantit


We can’t be the only planet with a Scotland.

Scientific fact: EVERY planet has a Scotland.

Promo for Classic Who premiere on the Horror Channel in the USA on 4/18/14 (x)

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Happy Birthday to our Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi! 
We can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the new season!

Happy (early) birthday Peter Capaldi! We’re celebrating by bringing some of Peter’s own Doctor Who fan art to life. Watch the video now!

"Is she Mrs. Doctor from the future?"

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